MO HealthNet Oversight Committee

MO HealthNet Division
615 Howerton Court, PO Box 6500
Jefferson City, MO 65102-6500

Phone: (573)-751-6922
Fax: (573)-751-6564


Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 208.955

Department: Social Services

Mission: A mission has not been established by the commission.

Function: The MO HealthNet Oversight Committee is charged with these functions: Review the participant and provider satisfaction reports and the reports of health outcomes, social and behavioral outcomes, use of evidence-based medicine and best practices as required of the health improvements plans and the Department of Social Services under section 208.950; Review the results from other states of the relative success or failure of various models of health delivery attempted; Review the results of studies comparing health plans conducted under section 208.950; Review the data from health risk assessments collected and reported under section 208.950; Review the results of the public process input collected under section 208.950; Advise and approve proposed design and implementation proposals for new health improvement plans submitted by the Department of Social Services, as well as make recommendations and suggest modifications when necessary; Determine how best to analyze and present the data reviewed under section 208.950, so that the health outcomes, participant and provider satisfaction, results from other states, health plan comparisons, financial impact of the various health improvement plans and models of care, study of provider access, and results of public input can be used by consumers, health care providers, and public officials; Present significant findings of the analysis required in the bullet above in a report to the General Assembly and Governor, at least annually, beginning January 1, 2009; Review the budget forecast issued by the Legislative Budget Office, and the report required under subsection (22) of subsection 1 of section 208.151, and after study: (a) consider ways to maximize the federal drawdown of funds; (b) study the demographics of the state and of the MO HealthNet population, and how those demographics are changing; (c) consider what steps are needed to prepare for the increasing numbers of participants as a result of the baby boom following World War II; Conduct a study to determine whether an office of inspector general shall be established and review the experience of all states that have created a similar office to determine the impact of creating a similar office in Missouri; Perform other tasks as necessary, including but not limited to making recommendations concerning the promulgation of rules.

SubCommittees: Comprehensive Entry Point System for Long-Term Care

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 4

Location of meetings: Jefferson City

Duration of meetings: 4 hours

Preparation time for meetings: not applicable

Total time commitment: 4 hours per meeting

Details on Members

Total members: 19

Appointed members: 12

Term length: 2 years

Compensation: Reimbursed for actual and necessary expenses

Member Requirements: Membership includes 2 two members each from the House of Representatives and Senate; 1 consumer representative; 2 primary care physicians; 2 non-primary care physicians; representative of the state hospital association; 1 non-physician health care professional; 1 dentist; 2 patient advocates; 1 public member and Directors of the Departments of Social Services, Mental Health and Health and Senior Services

Political Requirements: No

Geographic Requirements: None

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Representative Jonathan Patterson
Missouri House of Representatives 1
Term begins: Mar 25, 2019

Representative Tracy McCreery
Missouri House of Representatives 2
Term begins: Nov 4, 2019

Senator Jill Schupp
Missouri Senate 1
Term begins: Mar 6, 2017

Senator David Sater
Missouri Senate 2
Term begins: Jan 15, 2019

Mrs. Carmen Parker-Bradshaw
Consumer Representative
Term begins: Feb 3, 2011
Term expires: Oct 30, 2011

Dr. Ingrid Taylor
Primary Care Physician 1
Term begins: Oct 12, 2010
Term expires: Oct 30, 2011

Dr. Bridget McCandless Vice-Chair
Primary Care Physician 2
Term begins: Nov 5, 2010
Term expires: Oct 30, 2012

Dr. Sam L. Alexander
Non-primary Care Physician 1
Fair Play
Term begins: Sep 18, 2019
Term expires: Oct 30, 2020

Dr. Jay J. McMillen
Non-primary Care Physician 2
Saint Joseph
Term begins: Nov 5, 2010
Term expires: Oct 30, 2012

Mr. Gerard Grimaldi
State Hospital Association Representative
Kansas City
Term begins: Apr 1, 2011
Term expires: Oct 30, 2011

Ms. Sarah Oerther
Non-physician Health Care 1
Term begins: Dec 23, 2019
Term expires: Oct 30, 2021

Mr. Joseph E. Pierle
Non-physician Health Care 2
Jefferson City
Term begins: Oct 30, 2007
Term expires: Oct 30, 2009

Dr. Nick Pfannenstiel Chair
Term begins: Dec 23, 2019
Term expires: Oct 30, 2021

Mr. Mark Sanford
Patient Advocate 1
St. Louis
Term begins: Jan 26, 2011
Term expires: Oct 30, 2011

Ms. Kaylyn L. Lambert
Patient Advocate 2
Term begins: Dec 23, 2019
Term expires: Oct 30, 2021

Mr. David Ott
Public Member
Term begins: Nov 25, 2019
Term expires: Oct 30, 2021

Acting Director Jennifer Tidball
Department of Social Services (Ex officio)

Director Mark Stringer
Department of Mental Health (Ex officio)

Dr. Randall Williams
Department of Health and Senior Services (Ex officio)