Missouri Statewide Independent Living Council

PO Box 104174
Jefferson City, MO 65110-4174

Phone: (573)-415-8775

Email: AdonisTBrown@mosilc.org
Website: http://www.mosilc.org

Director: Adonis T. Brown, MBA/OLD/HCA - Executive Director

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: 29 USC Sec. 796d

Department: Elementary and Secondary Education

Mission: MOSILC advances independent living and the rights (civil and human) of people with disabilities, demanding consumer empowerment, control, equal access, and full integration. Vision: MOSILC envisions a Missouri in which people with disabilities live safely in the environment of their choice, are valued equally, and participate fully.

Function: Purpose: 1. Develop a State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) through external input, which ensures independent living for Missourians. 2. Advocate for the accomplishment of the State Plan for IL objectives. 3. Monitor, review, and evaluate the implementation of the SPIL. 4. Be a statewide catalyst for independent living.

SubCommittees: Executive Committee, Governance Committee, Finance Committee, Systems Advocacy & Legislative Committee, Housing Committee, Youth Leadership Development Committee, SPIL & Consumer Satisfaction Surveys Committee, and Outreach Committee

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 4 meetings, minimum

Location of meetings: Statewide, location for each posted on website.

Duration of meetings: 1 day; committee meetings, 1/2 day

Preparation time for meetings: 4 hours or more

Total time commitment: 4 hours or more

Details on Members

Total members: 15

Appointed members: 15

Term length: 3 years (* Denotes Member with a Disability)

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for meals and other realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: Number of members is variable based on need. At least 1 member must be the Executive Director of a Center for Independent Living chosen by the Executive Directors of the Centers for Independent Living within the state; 1 non-voting ex-officio member must be a representative from the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - Dept of Elementary and Secondary Education; The council may include other non-voting ex-officio members must be representatives from other state agencies that provide services for individuals with disabilities; Other members appointed by the Governor may include representatives from Centers for Independent Living, parents and guardians of individuals with disabilities, advocates of and for individuals with disabilities, representatives from private businesses, representatives from organizations that provide services for individuals with disabilities, and other appropriate individuals. Members must represent a broad range of individuals with disabilities from diverse backgrounds who are knowledgeable about centers for independent living and independent living services. A majority of the voting members shall be individuals with disabilities who are not employed by any State agency or center for independent living. No member may serve more than two consecutive full terms.

Political Requirements: None

Geographic Requirements: None specifically, but must provide statewide representation

Senate Consent Required: No


Mr. Timothy Edmund Gaines
Ex Officio Non-Voting Member 1/DSE Representative

Ms. Kathryn Cawdron
Ex Officio Non-Voting Member 2/RSB Representative

Mr. Shawn De Loyola
Ex Officio Non-Voting Member 3/MO P&A Representative

Vacant Slot
Member 1

Vacant Slot
Member 2

Mr. Gary Wayne Copeland*
Member 3
Term begins: May 12, 2016
Term expires: Oct 29, 2017

Mr. Joseph Luwangiza Matovu*
Member 4
Kansas Citty
Term begins: Mar 30, 2016
Term expires: Oct 29, 2018

Vacant Slot
Member 5

Mrs. Karen Gridley
Member 6
Kansas City
Term begins: Jan 6, 2017
Term expires: Oct 29, 2019

Vacant Slot
Member 7

Mr. H. Lon Swearingen*
Member 8
Kansas City
Term begins: Nov 21, 2018
Term expires: Oct 29, 2020

Mrs. Donna K Borgmeyer*
Member 9
Jefferson City
Term begins: Jan 6, 2017
Term expires: Oct 29, 2019

Mr. Robert Welsh Honan*
Member 10
Jefferson City
Term begins: Nov 21, 2018
Term expires: Oct 29, 2021

Ms. Ellie Daun Stitzer*
Member 11
Term begins: Nov 21, 2018
Term expires: Oct 29, 2020

William Vick*
Member 12
Saint Joseph
Term begins: Nov 21, 2018
Term expires: Oct 29, 2020