Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission

301 W High Street, Room 680
PO Box 1157
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573)-526-0186
Fax: (573)-526-7700

Email: joe.driskill@ded.mo.gov
Website: http://www.mmpec.ded.mo.gov/

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 041.1010

Department: Economic Development


Function: Advise the governor and the general assembly on military issues and economic and industrial development related to military issues.

SubCommittees: Education Task Force and Quality of Life Task Force

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 4 to 6

Location of meetings: Statewide

Duration of meetings: 4 hours

Preparation time for meetings:

Total time commitment:

Details on Members

Total members: 11

Appointed members: 7

Term length: 3 years

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: To be eligible for appointment, a person shall have demonstrated experience in economic development,the defense industry, military installation operation, environmental issues, finance, local government, or the use of air space for future military missions.

Political Requirements: No more than four of the seven members appointed by the governor shall be of the same political party.

Geographic Requirements: No

Senate Consent Required: No


Mr. Steve Edward Ehrhardt(R)
Member 1
Term begins: Aug 2, 2017
Term expires: May 27, 2020

Mr. Hart Gabriel Nelson(I)
Member 2
Term begins: Jan 6, 2017
Term expires: May 27, 2019

Vacant Slot
Member 3

Royal Thornton Turner(R)
Member 4
Saint Joseph
Term begins: Jan 6, 2017
Term expires: May 27, 2018

Mr. Robert D Hagedorn(D)
Member 5
Lee's Summit
Term begins: Sep 17, 2014
Term expires: May 27, 2016

Vacant Slot
Member 6

Vacant Slot
Member 7

Representative Steve Lynch
Member of the House of Representatives 1
Term begins: Jan 24, 2019

Vacant Slot
Member of the House of Representatives 2

Senator Gina Walsh
Member of the Senate 1
Term begins: Jan 28, 2019

Senator Wayne Wallingford
Member of the Senate 2

Mr. Joseph L Driskill
Department of Economic Development Designee

Colonel Grace Link
Missouri Veterans' Commission Designee
Jefferson City