Missouri Development Finance Board

200 Madison Street
Suite 1000
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Phone: (573)-751-8479
Fax: (573)-526-4418

Email: mdfb@ded.mo.gov
Website: http://www.mdfb.org/

Director: Bob Miserez

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 100.265

Department: Economic Development

Mission: To assist infrastructure and economic development projects in Missouri by providing the critical component of the total financing for projects which have a high probability of success but are not feasible without the Board's assistance.

Function: The Missouri Development Finance Board administers a range of financing programs for Missouri business, local governments and state agencies; issues taxable or tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds or notes; provides market rate or low-interest loans and grants to political subdivisions to fund public infrastructure improvements.

SubCommittees: Personnel, Finance, Audit, Executive

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 12 meetings; committee meetings as needed

Location of meetings: Jefferson City (January-May); varying locations (June-December)

Duration of meetings: 1/2 day; planning meetings, 2 days

Preparation time for meetings: 1 to 2 hours

Total time commitment: 5 to 6 hours

Details on Members

Total members: 12

Appointed members: 8

Term length: 4 years

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: 1 member must be the Director of the Department of Economic Development; 1 must be the Director of the Department of Agriculture; 1 must be the Director of the Department of Natural Resources; 1 must be the Lieutenant Governor; 8 must be appointed by the Governor

Political Requirements: yes, not more than 5 of the members appointed by the Governor may be members of the same political party

Geographic Requirements: yes, members must reside in Missouri at least 5 years preceding appointment

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Chris Chinn
Department of Agriculture

Mr. Rob Dixon
Department of Economic and Community Development

Carol S. Comer
Department of Natural Resources

Mr. Patrick Lamping(D)
Governor Appointed Member 1
Term begins: Feb 3, 2011
Term expires: Sep 14, 2012

Vacant Slot
Governor Appointed Member 2

Mr. Kelley Martin(R)
Governor Appointed Member 3
Kansas City
Term begins: Sep 2, 2009
Term expires: Sep 14, 2012

Mrs. Marie Carmichael(D)
Governor Appointed Member 4
Term begins: Mar 9, 2009
Term expires: Sep 14, 2012

Mr. Brad G Gregory(R)
Governor Appointed Member 5
Term begins: Jan 3, 2012
Term expires: Sep 14, 2015

Mr. John E. Mehner(R)
Governor Appointed Member 6
Cape Girardeau
Term begins: May 5, 2016
Term expires: Sep 14, 2019

Mr. Matthew L Dameron(D)
Governor Appointed Member 7
Kansas City
Term begins: May 5, 2016
Term expires: Sep 14, 2019

Mr. Reuben Shelton(D)
Governor Appointed Member 8
St. Louis
Term begins: Dec 15, 2010
Term expires: Sep 14, 2014

Lt. Governor Michael Kehoe
Lt. Governor