Sentencing and Corrections Oversight Commission

, MO



Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 217.147

Department: Corrections


Function: Function: The Sentencing and Corrections Oversight Commission is tasked with monitoring and assisting the implementation of HB 1525, The Justice Reinvestment Act (JIA), and evaluating recidivism reductions, cost savings, and other effects resulting from the implementation. The commission shall determine ways to reinvest any cost savings to pay for the continued implementation of the JIA and other evidence-based practices for reducing recidivism. The Commission shall also examine the issue of restitution for crime victims, including the amount ordered and collected annually, methods and costs of collection, and restitution's order of priority in official procedures and documents.


Details on Meetings

Number of meetings:

Location of meetings:

Duration of meetings:

Preparation time for meetings:

Total time commitment:

Details on Members

Total members: 13

Appointed members: 3

Term length: Four years.

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: Three members to be appointed by the Governor, one of whom shall be a victim's advocate, one of whom shall be a representative from the Missouri Sheriffs' Association, and one of whom shall be a representative of the Missouri Association of Counties.

Political Requirements: No.

Geographic Requirements: None

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Mrs. Kathleen Tofall
Victim Advocate
St Louis
Term begins: Mar 13, 2013
Term expires: Mar 11, 2016

Sheriff Christopher Walkup Hughes
Missouri Sheriff's Association
Term begins: May 7, 2015
Term expires: Mar 11, 2019

Ed Wildberger
Missouri Association of Counties
St. Joseph
Term begins: Apr 1, 2014
Term expires: Mar 11, 2016

Senator Bob Dixon
Chair of Senate Judiciary Committee

Vacant Slot
Ranking Minority Member of Senate Judiciary Committee

Representative Kathie Conway
Chair of the Appropriations-Public Safety and Corrections Committee

Representative Brandon Ellington
Ranking Minority Member of the House Appropriations-Public Safety and Corrections Committee

Director Anne Precythe
Director of the Department of Corrections

Michael Barrett
Director of the Missouri Public Defender System

Mr. Ellis McSwain
Chairman of the Board of Probation and Parole
Jefferson City

The Honorable Patricia Breckenridge
Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court

The Honorable David Dolan
Circuit Court Judge

Mr. Jason Lamb
Director of Missouri Office of Prosecution Services