Martin Luther King, Jr. State Celebration Commission

3026 Laclede Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103

Phone: (314)-340-3385


Details on Board or Commission

Authority: Executive Order 95-22

Department: Labor and Industrial Relations

Mission: The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Commission considers and recommends to individuals and organizations appropriate activities for the recognition and celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Missouri.


SubCommittees: Public Relations Local Celebration Brochure Publication Fundraising Statewide Celebration Networking Distribution

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 12 meetings

Location of meetings: varying locations

Duration of meetings: 3-4 hours

Preparation time for meetings: 4 hours

Total time commitment: 16 hours prior to the month of celebration (January)

Details on Members

Total members: 19

Appointed members: 19

Term length: serve at the pleasure of the Governor

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: none - the Commission shall consist of ten (10) individuals appointed by the Governor, as well as amend said orders to permit expansion of the Commission in the future at the discretion of the Governor.

Political Requirements: no

Geographic Requirements: no

Senate Consent Required: No


Dr. Henry Givens
Member 1
St. Louis
Term begins: Apr 16, 1993

Ms. Betty Thompson
Member 2
St. Louis
Term begins: Apr 16, 1993

Mr. Ollie Gates
Member 3
Kansas City
Term begins: Apr 16, 1993

Rev. Sammie Jones
Member 4
Term begins: Oct 16, 1997

Mr. Earnest Hart
Member 5
Term begins: May 30, 2018

Mr. James Buford
Member 6
St. Louis
Term begins: Oct 16, 1997

Mr. Jack McBride
Member 7
Term begins: Apr 16, 1993

Vacant Slot
Member 8

The Honorable Emanuel Cleaver
Member 9
Kansas City
Term begins: Jan 15, 1993

Dr. Michael Middleton
Member 10
Term begins: Aug 10, 2000

Ms. Anita Banks
Member 11
St. Louis
Term begins: Oct 16, 1997

Ms. Ruth A. Smith
Member 12
Term begins: Dec 12, 2007

Ms. Myrle Mensey
Member 13
St. Louis
Term begins: Jan 11, 2006

Mrs. Lessie Thompson
Member 14
Lees Summit
Term begins: Oct 16, 1997

Reverend Earl Nance
Member 15
Term begins: Aug 24, 2000

Dr. LaTonia Collins Smith
Member 16
Saint Louis
Term begins: Sep 27, 2019

Ms. Charlotte Hardin
Member 17
Term begins: Jul 19, 2000

Ms. Sherry Maxwell
Member 18
Term begins: Oct 27, 2017

Ms. Bertha Thomas
Member 19
Term begins: Jul 19, 2000