Linked Deposits Review Committee

Linked Deposit Review Committee c/o Missouri State Treasurer's Office
PO Box 210
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573)-751-2372
Fax: (573)-751-0343


Director: Mark Mathers

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 30.763


Function: Review and oversight capacity for all matters relating to the Linked Deposit Programs established by sections 30.750 to 30.850 RSMo. The committee may examine all aspects of the Linked Deposit Programs, including but not limited to, the program's administration, operation and effectiveness

SubCommittees: There are no subcommittees at this time.

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: At least one meeting per year in Jefferson City with conference calls in between.

Location of meetings: All meetings have occured in Jefferson City.

Duration of meetings: Approximately two to three hours.

Preparation time for meetings: Approximately one hour or less.

Total time commitment: One hour or less.

Details on Members

Total members: 6

Appointed members: 2

Term length: None stated

Compensation: None stated in statutes.

Member Requirements:

Political Requirements: None required

Geographic Requirements: None required

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Director Chris Chinn
Department of Agriculture Director

Ms. Pamela Ross
Banker appt. by Governor
St. Louis
Term begins: Mar 9, 2010

Director Rob Dixon
Department of Economic Development Director

Mrs. DeEtta L. Murphy
Farmer appt. by Governor
Term begins: Dec 3, 2007

Representative Jack Bondon
Member of the House of Representatives
Term begins: Mar 12, 2019

Senator Justin Brown
Member of the Senate
Term begins: Mar 12, 2019