Life Sciences Research Board

301 W. High Street
P. O. Box 1157
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573)-751-4962
Fax: (573)-522-5005


Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 196.1103

Department: Economic Development



SubCommittees: None

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 4 to 6 on average

Location of meetings: Columbia or via teleconference

Duration of meetings:

Preparation time for meetings:

Total time commitment:

Details on Members

Total members: 7

Appointed members: 7

Term length: 4 years

Compensation: The members of the Life Sciences Research Board shall receive no salary or other compensation for their services as a member of the board, but shall receive reimbursement for their actual and necessary expenses incurred in performance of their duties a

Member Requirements: Be generally familiar with the life sciences and current research trends and developments with either technical or scientific expertise in life sciences and with an understanding of the application of the results of life sciences research. The appointment of a person to the Life Sciences Research Committee created by Executive Order 01-10 issued by the Governor on July 23, 2001, shall not disqualify a person from serving as a member, either contemporaneously or later, on the Life Sciences Research Board.

Political Requirements: None

Geographic Requirements: None

Senate Consent Required: Yes


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Member 1

Dr. Robert D. Onder
Member 2
Lake Saint Louis
Term begins: May 2, 2007
Term expires: Apr 8, 2010

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Member 3

Mr. Roger Mitchell
Member 4
Term begins: Apr 24, 2008
Term expires: Apr 8, 2012

Mr. Ed Pinegar
Member 5
Term begins: Apr 28, 2008
Term expires: Apr 8, 2012

Mrs. Jeanne Daffron
Member 6
Saint Joseph
Term begins: Apr 20, 2006
Term expires: Apr 8, 2010

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Member 7