Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact

701 E 22nd Street, Suite 110
Lombard, IL 60148
, MO

Phone: (630)-925-1922
Fax: (630)-925-1930

Email: lkliewer@miprc.org
Website: http://www.miprc.org

Director: Laura Kliewer

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 680.200

Mission: The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission (MIPRC) brings together state leaders from across the region to advocate for passenger rail improvements. Formed by compact agreement in 2000, the MIPRC's current members are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin.



Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: Commission shall meet at least once in each calendar year

Location of meetings:

Duration of meetings:

Preparation time for meetings:

Total time commitment:

Details on Members

Total members: 4

Appointed members: 2

Term length: The governor or the governor's designee who shall serve during the tenure of office of the governor, or until a successor is named; one member of the private sector who shall be appointed by the governor and shall serve during the tenure of office of the governor, or until a successor is named; and two legislators, one from each legislative chamber (or two legislators from any unicameral legislature), who shall serve two-year terms, or until successors are appointed, and who shall be appointed by the appropriate appointing authority in each legislative chamber. All vacancies shall be filled in accordance with the laws of the appointing states. Any commissioner appointed to fill a vacancy shall serve until the end of the incomplete term.

Compensation: Commission members shall serve without compensation from the Commission

Member Requirements: governor or the governor's designee, one member of the private sector, two legislators

Political Requirements: no

Geographic Requirements: no

Senate Consent Required: No


Justin Alferman
Governor's Designee
Term begins: Aug 8, 2018
Term expires: Jan 11, 2021

Senator Ed Emery
Legislator 1
Term begins: Feb 6, 2019

Representative Glen Kolkmeyer
Legislator 2
Term begins: Feb 7, 2019

Mr. Scott M. Smith
Kansas City
Term begins: Oct 13, 2015
Term expires: Jan 1, 2017