Health and Educational Facilities Authority of the State of Missouri

15450 South Outer Forty Road
Suite 230
Chesterfield, MO 63017

Phone: (636)-519-0700
Fax: (636)-519-0792


Director: Michael J. Stanard

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 360.020

Department: Office of Administration

Mission: The Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority provides access to the capital markets in an effort to lower the cost of health and educational services in Missouri by providing high quality, readily available, low cost financing alternatives for Missouri public and private, non-profit health and educational institutions.

Function: The Missouri Health and Educational Facilities Authority is empowered to make tax-exempt and taxable loans to any eligible health or educational institution and to refund outstanding obligations, mortgages, or advances issued, made, or given for the cost of facilities and equipment.


Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 12 meetings

Location of meetings: varying locations

Duration of meetings: 1 to 2 hours

Preparation time for meetings: 1 hour

Total time commitment: 10 to 20 hours annually

Details on Members

Total members: 7

Appointed members: 7

Term length: 5 years

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: Governor takes into consideration nominees recommended by professional organizations of hospitals, operators of long term health care facilities, higher education associations, investment bankers, and architects.

Political Requirements: yes, not more than 4 members may be members of the same political party

Geographic Requirements: no

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Mr. Jeffrey David Byrne(D)
Member 1
Kansas City
Term begins: Jan 4, 2016
Term expires: Jul 30, 2019

Mr. Joseph Cavato(D)
Member 2
University City
Term begins: Apr 1, 2011
Term expires: Jul 30, 2013

Ms. Sarah R. Maguffee(D)
Member 3
Term begins: Oct 26, 2010
Term expires: Jul 30, 2013

Mr. Thomas George(D)
Member 4
Term begins: Feb 9, 2012
Term expires: Jul 30, 2015

Vacant Slot
Member 5

Mrs. Judith W. Scott(R)
Member 6
Poplar Bluff
Term begins: Jan 23, 2007
Term expires: Jul 30, 2011

Vacant Slot
Member 7