Governor's Committee to End Homelessness

3435 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: (816)-759-7201
Fax: (816)-759-6638


Director: Heather Bradley-Geary

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: Executive Order 03-17, 08-38 and 12-12

Mission: Homelessness is unacceptable in Missouri. It is the belief of the Governor's Committee to End Homelessness (GCEH) that housing is a right, not a privilege. Therefore, all individuals and families must have the right to safe, affordable housing in healthy communities with access to a network of supportive services. The mission of the GCEH is to prevent and end homelessness by establishing strategies to promote public and private coordination and collaboration, developing new strategies to evaluate and reallocate resources, removing barriers to accessing services, evaluating unmet needs and providing supportive services and affordable housing needs, implementing effective solutions to build economic security and promoting and supporting activities that prevent homelessness.

Function: To End or Drastically Reduce Homelessness in Missouri.

SubCommittees: Executive Committee; Balance of State Committee; Awareness Committee; Targeted Populations Committee; Review Committee; Discharge Policy Workgroup; Data Warehouse Steering Committee

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 6, the first Monday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December)

Location of meetings: Parkade Center, 601 Business Loop 70 West, Columbia, MO

Duration of meetings: 11 am to 2 pm

Preparation time for meetings:

Total time commitment:

Details on Members

Total members: 25

Appointed members: 25

Term length: Pleasure of the Governor

Compensation: None, except that members may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses arising from the Committees activities or business. Such expenses shall be paid by the Department that incurs the expense.

Member Requirements: The Governors Committee to End Homelessness shall be composed of no more than 25 members appointed by the Governor. Membership shall include at least 2 members of the General Assembly, one from each political party, and at least one representative

Political Requirements: No

Geographic Requirements: Missouri residents

Senate Consent Required: No


Vacant Slot
Department of Economic Development

Ms. Joan Hays
Dept. of Corrections Representative

Mr. Craig Rector
Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education Representative
Jefferson City
Term begins: Jul 3, 2007

Ms. Becky Koenigsfeld
Dept. of Health and Senior Services Representative

Ms. Liz Hagar-Mace
Dept. of Mental Health
Jefferson City
Term begins: Nov 3, 2003

Ms. Doris Halford
Dept. of Social Services Representative

Vacant Slot
Division of Workforce Development Representative

Vacant Slot
Division of Youth Services Representative

Mr. Gary Busiek
Divisional Commander of the Midland Division of the Salvation Army or designee

Ms. Heather Bradley-Geary
Missouri Housing Development Commission
Kansas City

Ms. Katie Burnham Wilkins
Member 1

Mr. Anthony Smith
Member 2

Ms. Sandy Wilson
Member 3

Vacant Slot
Member 4

Vacant Slot
Member 5

Ms. Antoinette Triplett
Member 6
St. Louis
Term begins: Nov 3, 2003

Vacant Slot
Member 7

Ms. Michelle Garand
Member 8

Ms. Vickie Riddle
Member 9

Vacant Slot
Member 10

Vacant Slot
Member 11

Vacant Slot
Member 12

Ms. Jennifer Carter
Member 13
Term begins: Nov 3, 2003

Vacant Slot
Member 14

Vacant Slot
Member 15

Mrs. Katherine G. Anderson
Member 16
Richmond Heights

Ms. Bonnie Reece
Member 17

Ms. Lateacha Tigue
Member 18
Term begins: Apr 28, 2017

Ms. Dottie Kastigar
Member 19

Representative Kevin Corlew
Member 20
Term begins: Apr 28, 2017

Representative Bruce Franks, Jr.
Member of the House of Representatives
Term begins: Apr 28, 2017

The Honorable Jamilah Nasheed
Member of the Senate
Term begins: Apr 28, 2017