State Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority

425 Madison Street, Second Floor
PO Box 744
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0744

Phone: (573)-751-4919
Fax: (573)-635-3486


Director: Joe Boland

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 260.020

Department: Natural Resources

Mission: The Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority works to develop unique and effective financing mechanisms adequate to support state, municipal, regional and corporate environmental improvements, enabling EIERA operations to become self-funding, so that interest and grant income can be used to support applications.

Function: The Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority is a governor-appointed, board-directed agency mandated to protect Missouri's environment, develop energy alternatives, and promote economic development through innovative financing, technical assistance and research. The board's programs, such as the State Revolving Fund, the Market Development Program and its numerous environmental and energy studies address these mandates.

SubCommittees: none

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 6 to 9 meetings

Location of meetings: Jefferson City, Kansas City, St. Louis; varying locations

Duration of meetings: 2 hours

Preparation time for meetings: 5 hours

Total time commitment: 10 to 20 hours per quarter

Details on Members

Total members: 5

Appointed members: 5

Term length: 3 years

Compensation: Members receive a per diem not to exceed $25 for each day devoted to the affairs of the board and reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: none

Political Requirements: yes, not more than 3 members may be members of the same political party

Geographic Requirements: no

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Mr. Caleb Arthur(R)
Member 1
Term begins: Jan 2, 2020
Term expires: Jan 1, 2023

Ms. Mary Fontana Nichols(D)
Member 2
Maryland Heights
Term begins: Jan 2, 2020
Term expires: Jan 1, 2023

Ms. Nancy A. Gibler(R)
Member 3
Jefferson City
Term begins: Apr 21, 2022
Term expires: Jan 22, 2025

Mr. Deron L. Cherry(R)
Member 4
Term begins: Mar 8, 2006
Term expires: Jan 22, 2007

Vacant Slot
Member 5