Credit Union Commission

PO Box 1607
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573)-751-3419
Fax: (573)-751-6834


Director: Ken Bonnot - Deputy Director

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 370.061

Department: Commerce and Insurance


Function: The credit union commission shall approve or disapprove each regulation proposed by the director of the division of credit unions, hear and determine any appeal from an order or decision by the director of the division of credit unions pertaining to the chartering, relocation, branching or membership of credit unions and consult with and advise the director on matters pertaining to the organization, operation and supervision of credit unions.


Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: As needed, no statute requirement.

Location of meetings: Jefferson City, MO

Duration of meetings: Average of 6 hours

Preparation time for meetings: Average of 2 hours

Total time commitment: Average of 3 hours

Details on Members

Total members: 7

Appointed members: 7

Term length: 6 years

Compensation: Yes, $100.00 per diem per meeting, mileage, meals and overnight accommodations when necessary.

Member Requirements: Members shall be residents of this state, and one of them shall be a member of the Missouri Bar in good standing. Four other members of the commission shall each have had at least five years' experience in this state as an officer, director or member of a supervisory committee of one or more credit unions and two members shall be lay members who are not involved in the administration of a financial institution.

Political Requirements: Yes, not more than 4 members of committee shall be members of the same political party.

Geographic Requirements: No

Senate Consent Required: Yes


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Missouri Bar Member

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Credit Union Representative 1

Mr. Harold E. (Hal) James(R)
Credit Union Representative 2
Term begins: Aug 16, 2019
Term expires: Jan 1, 2023

Mr. Steve Pierson(R)
Credit Union Representative 3
Term begins: Aug 16, 2019
Term expires: Jan 1, 2025

Mr. Chris A. McCreary(D)
Credit Union Representative 4
Term begins: Sep 18, 2019
Term expires: Jan 1, 2025

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Lay Member 1

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Lay Member 2