Appellate Judicial Commission

Supreme Court of Missouri
PO Box 150
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573)-751-4144
Fax: (573)-751-7514


Details on Board or Commission

Authority: Article 5, Section 25d

Department: Supreme Court


Function: The Appellate Judicial Commission accepts applications, and selects three candidates, to fill judicial vacancies on the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals--without regard to political affiliation. The governor can only appoint one of the three candidates. The seven-member commission consists of a Supreme Court judge and two resident citizens from each of the three court of appeals districts. In selecting the citizen members, one lawyer is elected from each district by The Missouri Bar members in that district, and one non-lawyer appointed from each district by the governor.

SubCommittees: none

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: as needed, when a judicial vacancy occurs on the Missouri Court of Appeals or on the Supreme Court

Location of meetings: varying locations; usually in district where vacancy occurs (St. Louis, Springfield, or Kansas City)

Duration of meetings: 1 to 2 days to interview applicants and select panel

Preparation time for meetings: varying

Total time commitment: varying; average 3 days every 6 months

Details on Members

Total members: 7

Appointed members: 3

Term length: chair, 2 years; others, 6 years

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: 1 member must be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri and serve as chair; 3 must be lawyers elected by other members of the Missouri Bar; and 3 must be non-lawyers appointed by the Governor

Political Requirements: no

Geographic Requirements: yes, one lawyer member and one non-lawyer member must be from each district of the Court of Appeals (Eastern, Southern, and Western)

Senate Consent Required: No


Mr. Timothy M. Drury
Eastern District
Term begins: Aug 23, 2019
Term expires: Dec 31, 2024

Mr. Thomas Burke
Eastern District Member - Lawyer
St. Louis
Term expires: Dec 31, 2017

Ms. Michelle Beckler
Southern District
Term begins: Mar 19, 2015
Term expires: Dec 31, 2020

Mr. Donald Woody
Southern District Member - Lawyer
Term expires: Dec 31, 2019

The Honorable Patricia Breckenridge
Supreme Court

Kathy Ritter
Western District
Term expires: Dec 31, 2022

Mr. Scott Bethune
Western District Member - Lawyer
Term expires: Dec 31, 2021