State Fair Commission

Missouri State Fairgrounds
2503 West 16th Street
Sedalia, MO 65301

Phone: (660)-530-5600
Fax: (660)-827-8160


Director: Mark Wolfe

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 262.217

Department: Agriculture

Mission: The Missouri State Fair Commission works to communicate the story of Missouri agriculture and the Missouri State Fair in ways that appeal to the state's citizens as the diversity of agriculture within the state and the fair's diversity have continued to grow.

Function: The Missouri State Fair Commission oversees the operations of the Missouri State Fair and is responsible for the selection and supervision of the fair director. It also has the authority to lease or purchase lands and accept or reject contracts.

SubCommittees: Executive Committee Finance/Capital Improvements Committee Marketing/Public Relations Committee Concessions/Off Season Usage Entertainment/Carnival Competition

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 11 meetings; also present during entire state fair; additional activities as needed

Location of meetings: Sedalia primarily; Jefferson City or other location periodically

Duration of meetings: 5 - 7 hours; committee meetings, 2 - 3 hours as needed

Preparation time for meetings: 2 to 3 hours

Total time commitment: 13 hours; more during the State Fair in August; overnight stays required

Details on Members

Total members: 9

Appointed members: 8

Term length: 4 years

Compensation: Members receive reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: 1 must be the director of the department of agriculture; 2 members must be active farmers; 2 must be current or past presidents of county or regional fair boards; 1 must be employed by agribusiness; and 3 must be at-large members

Political Requirements: yes, not more than 4 members, excluding the Director of Agriculture, may be members of the same political party

Geographic Requirements: yes, not more than 2 members may reside in the same congressional district; members must reside in Missouri for 5 years preceding appointment

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Dr. Willis Magruder(D)
Active Farmer 1
Term begins: Apr 14, 2016
Term expires: Dec 29, 2016

Don McQuitty(D)
Active Farmer 2
Sunrise Beach
Term begins: Apr 14, 2016
Term expires: Dec 29, 2019

Mr. Lowell Mohler(R)
Agribusiness employee
Jefferson City
Term begins: Apr 14, 2016
Term expires: Dec 29, 2017

Ms. Nikki Whitehead(R)
At Large Member 1
Term begins: Jan 2, 2018
Term expires: Dec 29, 2021

Ms. Sherry Jones(R)
At Large Member 2
Term begins: Jan 3, 2012
Term expires: Dec 29, 2014

Vacant Slot
At Large Member 3

Mr. Teddy E. Sheppard(R)
County Fair Board Mbr or Past President 1
Term begins: Jul 29, 2010
Term expires: Dec 29, 2012

Mr. Kevin Roberts(D)
County Fair Board Mbr or Past President 2
Term begins: Apr 14, 2016
Term expires: Dec 29, 2018

Chris Chinn
Director of Dept of Agriculture