State Board of Pharmacy

3605 Missouri Boulevard
PO Box 625
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: (573)-751-0091
Fax: (573)-526-3464


Director: Kimberly Grinston

Details on Board or Commission

Authority: RSMo 338.110

Department: Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration

Mission: It is the mission of the Board to serve and protect the public by providing accessible, responsible, and accountable regulatory system that: protects the public from incompetency, misconduct, gross negligence, fraud, misrepresentation, or dishonesty; licenses only "qualified" professionals by examination and evaluation of minimum competency, and; enforces standards by implementing legislation and administrative rules.

Function: The Board of Pharmacy is mandated by law to issue renewal and original licenses to pharmacists, pharmacies, drug distributors, intern pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The board is also responsible for assuring safe, competent pharmacy services for the citizens of Missouri. The board reviews complaints, investigates reports, and schedules fact-finding meetings with pharmacists regarding their pharmacy practices. The board may also file a complaint with the Administrative Hearing Commission against a pharmacist, pharmacy, drug distributor or intern pharmacist for violations of statute and if the Administrative Hearing Commission finds that the license did violate statute, the board has the power to censure, place a license on probation, to revoke, to suspend, or any combination thereof.

SubCommittees: Manpower Committee; Long Term Care Committee; Continuing Education Committee; Drug Distributor Advisory Committee

Details on Meetings

Number of meetings: 4 in-person meetings, 8 conference calls per year

Location of meetings: Columbia

Duration of meetings: 2 days (In-person), 2 hours (conference call)

Preparation time for meetings: 8 hours

Total time commitment: 8 to 24 hours

Details on Members

Total members: 7

Appointed members: 7

Term length: 5 years

Compensation: Members receive a per diem not to exceed $50 for each day devoted to the affairs of the board and reimbursement for realized and necessary expenses.

Member Requirements: 1 member must be an institutional pharmacist; 5 must be licensed pharmacists; and 1 must be a public member

Political Requirements: no

Geographic Requirements: no

Senate Consent Required: Yes


Dr. James Leo Gray
Institutional Pharmacist
Saint Louis
Term begins: Dec 14, 2018
Term expires: Jun 1, 2022

Mrs. Christina M. Lindsay
Pharmacist 1
Term begins: Feb 19, 2015
Term expires: Dec 3, 2019

Ms. Pamela L. Marshall
Pharmacist 2
St. Louis
Term begins: Feb 3, 2011
Term expires: Sep 24, 2015

Mr. Douglas R. Lang
Pharmacist 3
Saint Louis
Term begins: Jul 21, 2015
Term expires: Jul 20, 2020

Christian Tadrus
Pharmacist 4
Term begins: Jun 11, 2015
Term expires: Jun 10, 2020

Dr. Colby H. Grove
Pharmacist 5
Term begins: Dec 14, 2018
Term expires: Dec 2, 2020

Ms. Anita Parran
Public Member
Kansas City
Term begins: Apr 29, 2005
Term expires: Apr 27, 2010